I don't typically think of sessions in terms of "favorites," but this was my favorite session. I learned and laughed, pondered and pontificated, mused and mumbled my way to a better understanding of the ADA and 504 requirements and how they affect AmeriCorps programs. Elizabeth is a great presenter--smart, well-spoken, and funny. The only thing I would change about this session is moving it earlier in the schedule so that more people could attend. Or, better yet, make it a keynote/plenary.” - attendee, AmeriCorps disability workshop

Liz was an incredible addition to our World-Changing Women's Summit! We had a deep discussion about making workplaces work for everyone and her perspective was invaluable to the discussion. She was consistently rated by our attendees as one of the most illuminating speakers who we had at the conference, and I personally loved working with her!” - Meghan French Dunbar, CEO + Co-Founder, Conscious Media Company

“Liz's story was raw, powerful, honest, and moving. She spoke of her battle with disability that was both relatable and totally unique. Everyone couldn't stop talking about her performance.” - Allison Block, Storyslam fundraising organizer

"Liz Allen brings the perfect combination of research-based deep knowledge and personal connection. Every time she speaks I learn something new and am compelled towards action. She solidifies the connection between the head and the heart."   - Adam Smiley Poswolsky, Author of The Breakthrough Speaker

"Liz is a powerful storyteller and an expert on disability in the workplace. Her talk offers tangible tools employers can use to support employees with disabilities and make everyone in the workplace feel safe, seen, and engaged."   - Alanna Mednick, Lead Early Literacy Coach - OUSD

Liz is a master storyteller. I've learned from watching her speak how a story can deliver a lasting message far better than bullet points. She will find the human in you and make it feel things, and you will think about what you felt for a while.”   - Jonah Kagan, Software Developer

Liz’s ability to capture the hearts, minds, tear ducts, and funny bones of an audience shines on the Moth Mainstage, at conferences, and in small groups.  In a world where we walk with our heads bowed to tiny hand computers, listening to Liz speak is chance to connect and be present. What's more, her stories are an invitation to create positive change.”     - James Austin, Storyteller and Midwife  

Liz Allen’s voice enters a room with a gentle command that quickly draws listeners in. Her life as an educator, lawyer, and adventurer navigating the world with chronic illness has given her a unique capacity to communicate profoundly difficult content with ease. Liz is a warm, insightful, and compelling speaker no matter the audience or stage.”   - Candace Faber, Public Speaker, Writer, Technologist

"Liz is an authentic and dynamic speaker.  I've heard her speak multiple times at she always manages to genuinely connect with her audience.  She shares powerful stories that are deeply personal, yet always relatable."   - Amy Chou, AI4All